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People like you can help make a difference and help restore Shawnee National Forest lands


Like us, you care about the land and want to make a difference to improve and maintain healthy ecosystems. 

Volunteering for the Shawnee National Forest (NF) or one of our partners, like Friends of the Shawnee is a great way to do just that!


Volunteering opportunities on the Shawnee (NF) include, helping combat non-native invasive species; identifying and preserving historic sites, building or maintaining trails, improving wildlife habitat and participating in Trash Blast days.  

If you're interested in working inside or outside, we will match your skills and the amount of time you have with the support we need.  Whether you are young or young at heart, an individual or with a group, the Shawnee Volunteer Corps has opportunities for you.


Update: February 2021 - Currently the Shawnee NF will not be holding any organized public service projects in Spring 2021. 

In addition Alternative Spring Break for college students will not be held on the Shawnee in Spring 2021.

At this time our partners have not scheduled any service projects that are open to the public.

For Future Notifications - Join our Voluteer Email List

If you would like to be placed on an email list to be notified when we begin to hold public volunteer days or sponsored group volunteer projects, Email Us with your name, email and contact phone number.