Just for Kids

It only takes one match...
Smokey Bear has been a member of our families since 1944. The purpose of the Smokey Program is to create and maintain public awareness, through the image of Smokey Bear, about the need to prevent unplanned, human-caused wildland fires.  This link takes you to the national webpage for Smokey Bear.

Forest Service Kids Page - more links to Forest Service programs.

National Park Service Web Ranger- Great place to learn about National Parks and National Historic Sites.

USDA Agriculture in the Classroom- Great resources on agriculture for students and fun too!

Discover the Forest- Learn about where the forests and parks are located near you.  Also find out about cool games and activities you can do in nature.

Junior Snow Ranger- A great place to learn about what Snow Rangers do!

Sci4Kids- This is a web site developed for kids by the Agricultural Research Service.