Passes & Permits

The Superior National Forest manages many resources with the objective of caring for the land and serving people. Management protects natural resource values, public health and safety and is consistent with the Forest land and resource management goals outlined in the Forest Plan. To meet these objectives, permits may be required for the occupancy and use of Forest Service land or resources. Additionally, passes assist in funding certain management projects or activities.

  • Recreation Passes and Permits

    Local passes and permits related to recreating on the forest and wilderness.

  • Forest Product Permits

    Edible material, decorative material, minerals, plants, woody material (includes Christmas tree and firewood permit information).

  • Event and Commercial Permits

    Filming, group use and outfitter guide information

  • Other Permits

    BWCAW Research Permit information and Special Use Permits for utilities and easements.


Permit Not Required

Permits are not required for collection of minor forest products such as

  • flowers,
  • plants,
  • berries,
  • acorns,
  • nuts or
  • small amounts of medicinal roots from areas other than designated recreation, research, natural or other areas closed to such activities.

However, such collections are limited to reasonable quantities for personal use; there can be no disturbance of surface resources and the products must not be protected by state or federal laws or regulations.