Passes & Permits

  • Recreation Passes

    Salt river floater

    Recreation passes includes information about the passes that are required in some parts of the Tonto National Forest. Whether you’re going on a one-day fishing trip, or a week-long stay at one of our campsites, all Tonto passes and prices are listed. Steps on how to receive recreation permits for things like Salt River Rafting are also provided on this page. Passes are necessary for most of our recreation sites. Please check to see if you need a pass and make sure you have your pass before you leave for the forest.

  • Event and Commercial Permits

    recreationists launching boats on the tonto national forest

    Event and commercial permits include a process in which individuals must go through in order to obtain permits for Outfitting Guides, Recreation events, Non-commercial Group Use events, Filming and Photography, Research Activities, Fishing Tournaments, Training, and Tribal Traditional / Cultural Ceremonies.

  • Forest Products Permits

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    Firewood cutting permits allow you to cut or collect firewood on the forest from April 1 to December 31 in designated firewood cutting areas. You may buy a Firewood Permit at any of our offices.

  • Other Permits

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    Occasionally there will be special permits available for the Tonto National Forest. All annually available permits will be listed in the appropriate sections above.

Christmas Tree Permits will be available for purchase starting in the Fall, for the 2022 holiday season. Find out how to get your very own Christmas tree from the Tonto National Forest to brighten up your holidays.