Just for Kids

The White Mountain National Forest is a great place for kids to visit, play, learn, and have adventures!

During the summer, there are free fun programs at our campgrounds. Even in the winter there are things to do like our Woods in Winter program.

And you can become a Junior Forest Ranger by downloading the Activity Book and doing the tasks inside. Then take your book to a White Mountain National Forest visitor center and become a junior ranger.


Become a Junior Forest Ranger!

Young visitor is made Junior Forest Rangers.

White Mountain National Forest Junior Forest Rangers discover some of the fascinating and fun things about a national forest. Get your Activity Book, fill out the pages as you learn about forest lore, animals, and conservation, then go to a White Mountain National Forest visitor center and take the Junior Forest Ranger oath!


Visit the Forest Headquarters

The Forest Headquarters in Campton, NH, is a fun place to visit not only for adults but for children as well. 

Discovery Trail

As a part of your visit to the White Mountain National Forest, don't miss the Discovery Trail.