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Junior Forest Ranger Program

Welcome to your Junior Forest Ranger (JFR) Program!

This is your place. Bring your family and friends and find new ways to enjoy the natural wonders of our national forests. There are lots of things to learn and do here. You'll see how you can make a difference.

You can also meet the leaders of the past here. They helped shape the way we care for our forests today. You might discover that you want to be a leader too, when you grow up. You can start right now. Wouldn't that be exciting?

Are you a Junior Forest Ranger yet? If you're not, find out how to become one.

Junior Forest Benefits and Booklets

JFR Benefits

The natural world is an amazing and wonderful place. Learning about the environment is so much fun. The more you know about it, the more amazing it seems. The best thing about being a Junior Forest Ranger is that you get to learn all about forests and how you are a part of the environment. Do you know what national forests are? They are America's great outdoors. They cover 191 million acres (77.3 million hectares) of land, an area as big as Texas. National forests provide opportunities for recreation in open spaces and natural environments. With more and more people now living in urban areas, national forests are becoming more important and valuable to Americans.

People enjoy a wide variety of activities on national forests, including backpacking in remote, wilderness areas where there aren't any roads, mastering an all-terrain vehicle over a challenging trail, enjoying the views along a scenic byway, or fishing in a great trout stream.

Junior Forest Rangers know how to stay safe in the forest and how to protect it. When you visit a forest, as a Junior Forest Ranger, you'll know what to do, and what not to do.

You'll discover a whole new world in our nation's great forests, and in your own back yard!

To learn more about our national forests, visit

JFR Booklet

If you aren't a Junior Forest Ranger, you can become one and it’s easy! First, get your own copy of the JFR Adventure Guide, download "Become a Junior Forest Ranger" (PDF, 23 MB). Do the activities and then ask for your JFR membership card. We encourage you to print the guide and complete the activities. Make sure to get a signature on the Official Form from your parents, teacher, or another adult family member or friend. Then mail the form to the address in the guide to receive your membership card.

Junior Forest Ranger
USDA Forest Service
National Symbols Cache
402 SE 11th St.
Grand Rapids, MN 55744-3955

You'll get an official JFR membership card in the mail.

Junior Snow Ranger

The Junior Snow Ranger program is designed for children in the 4th and 5thgrade.  Outdoor and indoor activities are included in a colorful publication that highlights themes such as safety, wildlife, winter ecology, recreation, and the joy of winter fun.  The program mission is to inspire youth to embrace a life-long relationship with the winter environment, and to become stewards of the land.   

The activity book highlights the role of a real snow ranger, the use of rescue dogs, and the continued importance of wildfire prevention during the winter.  In addition, it teaches kids how to make their own snowshoes, similar to those that were once used in some Native American cultures.

For Parents

Go for a walk in the woods or the park with your child or watch birds together. The Junior Forest Ranger program can be fun for the whole family!

The Junior Forest Ranger program aims to interest children in enjoying the outdoors and to help develop tomorrow's leaders - your children. They are our single most precious resource. We are committed to fostering and nurturing the environment and the education of our nation's children.

You may have fun memories of Smokey Bear or Woodsy the Owl from your own childhood. Perhaps Smokey or Woodsy was one of your first introductions to the ways that you could protect the environment. When you encourage your kids to become Junior Forest Rangers, you're giving them an education, laying the groundwork for leadership, and providing fond memories they will cherish when they're adults.

You Speak, We Listen.

Many parents and other citizens requested that we expand the program beyond wildfire prevention. They want children to learn more about conservation and responsible land management. In response to these requests, we have thoroughly revamped the Junior Forest Ranger program. This Web site and the booklet are the first steps in a major effort to reach families nationwide and develop tomorrow's leaders.

The JFR program teaches children about our rich natural resources and their own place in the environment.

Have fun doing the activities in the JFR Adventure Guide with your child.  Your participation can greatly enhance your child's learning.

When all activities are completed, your child then fills out and mails the JFR Official Form. We will mail an official JFR membership card to your child.

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