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Wood Education and Resource Center

WERC Sign.The Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC), located in Princeton, WV, is a USDA Forest Service facility with offices, training facilities, and a rough mill. WERC's mission is to facilitate interaction and information exchange with the forest products industry, to enhance opportunities for sustained forest products production in the eastern hardwood forest region of the United States.

WERC supports managerial and technical innovation to keep businesses competitive. It provides state-of-the-art training, technology transfer, networking opportunities, applied research, and information and sharing.

WERC serves the primary and secondary hardwood manufacturing industries located in the 35 States of the eastern hardwood forest region.


WERC's Primary Goals

  • Improve the knowledge, skills, and capacity of the forest industry management and workforce.
  • Increase communication, cooperation, and collaborative problem solving within the forest products industry.
  • Improve efficiency in forest product manufacturing and wood utilization.
  • Promote the sustainable utilization of woody biomass for energy and value-added products.

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