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Families own most of the forests we see, though they often call their part the woods. It’s good for all of us when landowners have goals for healthy land, keep it intact, and keep it working. We help millions of woodland stewards deliver the benefits of forests to us all.

2019 Wood Innovations Program Request for Proposals - Funding opportunity is closed for 2018. Check back around mid-October for information about the potential 2019 Wood Innovation Funding Opportunity.
2020 Wood Innovations Program Request for Proposals - 2020 RFP process is now closed.  Overview Information Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number is 10.674 CFDA Title is Wood Utilization Assistance Important Dates:
Conservation Education - Just for Students - Activities Sites: Electronic Field Trip to the Forest Our Forests & Parks—Imagine a place where you can be different. There might just be another you—one you've never met before— in our Forests...
Fire and Aviation Management - The Fire and Aviation Management group helps the 20 Northeastern and Midwestern States deliver comprehensive wildland fire management programs, including providing grants and technical assistance....
Forest Health Protection - Forest Health Protection programs emphasize protecting the long-term health and sustainability of our forests. Our major responsibilities are to assist the States with implementing their forest...
Forest Legacy - The Forest Legacy program protects “working forests” those that protect water quality, provide habitat, forest products, opportunities for recreation and other public benefits.
Forest Stewardship - Families and individuals own the largest portion of America's forests. The Forest Stewardship Program helps them to create a long-term vision and plan for their woodlands, so they will stay healthy,...
Gypsy Moth Digest - The Gypsy Moth Digest is a database containing information about gypsy moth defoliation and treatments at the national level.
Hispanic Worker Integration Home - Work-related resources for Hispanic workers and employers.
Junior Forest Ranger Program - jfrheadingimage.jpg
Landscape Scale Conservation in the Northeast and Midwest - Landscape scale conservation occurs when landowners pursue common conservation goals across large blocks of land, to ensure ecosystems are healthy.
References for Managing Hispanic Workers - Working with Hispanic Employees.
Sustainability and Planning - Strategic Plan The Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2013-2018 identifies the most important forest-related challenges and opportunities we face and sets...
Urban Wood Utilization - View archived semi-annual Urban Wood Utilization Webcasts.
Webcast Archive - View archived WERC industry-oriented webcasts.
Wood Education and Resource Center - Overview of the program.
Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC) Search - Provides synopsis and related details of prior funded projects.
Wood Energy - A grant category focused on promoting wood energy type projects such as engineering services necessary for final design, cost analysis and permitting process for wood energy systems.
Wood Innovations (Wood Products Markets and Wood Energy) Project Search - Provides synopsis and related details of prior funded projects.
Wood Innovations Home - Provides basic information about the Wood Innovations program.
Wood Innovations Reporting Requirements - Provides information to grantees regarding annual and final progress reports requirements.
Wood Products Markets - A grant category focused on promoting markets that create or expand the demand for non-energy based wood products.
Woody Biomass Competitive Grant Projects - Synopsis of prior funded grants related to wood energy.
Woody Biomass Home - “Woody biomass” refers to the woody parts of trees and other plants, including limbs, tops, needles, and leaves. Sources of biomass include forests, rangelands, and urban tree waste.
Woody Biomass Information - This portion of the web site specifically addresses one of WERC’s primary goals:  Promote the sustainable utilization of woody biomass for energy and value-added products.
Woody Biomass Results - The benefits of the Woody Biomass Technical Support Team were realized immediately.  Results can be viewed by viewing the preliminary assessment reports.
Woody Biomass Technical Assistance - Information about a technical assistance team focused on provided unbiased information about wood energy systems.
Workshops and Training Opportunities - The Wood Education and Resource Center is working with various partners throughout the eastern United States in sponsoring, developing and hosting various workshops and training opportunities for the...
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