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Publication Details

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  • Title:
    Atlas of digital polygon fire extents for Idaho and western Montana (1889-2003) Data publication contains GIS data
    Gibson, Carly E.; Morgan, Penelope
    Publication Year:
    How to Cite:
    These data were collected using funding from the U.S. Government and can be used without additional permissions or fees. If you use these data in a publication, presentation, or other research product please use the following citation:
    Gibson, Carly E. and Morgan, Penelope. 2009. Atlas of digital polygon fire extents for Idaho and western Montana (1889-2003). Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.
    This coverage includes fire perimeters recorded in polygon coverages acquired from 12 National Forests and two National Parks as described in the Data Set Credit section. It includes 5,666 fire polygons recorded from an area covering 13,839,584 hectares that include 44% of Idaho, Montana west of the Continental Divide, and Yellowstone National Park.

    fire; fire history; fire perimeter; fire atlas; fire extent; Joint Fire Science Program; JFSP; climatologyMeteorologyAtmopshere; boundaries; Fire; Fire ecology; Inventory, Monitoring, & Analysis; Assessments; northern Rocky Mountain region; Idaho; western Montana; northeastern Wyoming
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