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Archived Data Publication = Data Publication that has been reviewed, approved, and deposited in the Forest Service Research Data Archive. A Data Publication contains electronic research data, metadata, and other documentation the author believes would facilitate the understanding of the study.

Archived Data Product = Archived Data Publication, but this is old terminology. We now refer to these as Data Publications.

Data User = individual to whom access has been granted to this Data Publication, including his or her immediate collaboration sphere, which is defined here as the institutions, partners, students and staff with whom the Data User collaborates, and with whom access must be granted, in order to fulfill the Data User’s intended use of the Data Publication.

Data Publication Creator = individual or institution that produced the Data Publication.

Data Publication Contact = party designated in the accompanying metadata of the Data Publication as the primary contact for the Data Publication.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI) = a global unique identifier that can be used to find the location of an archived Data Publication even when the original URL has changed.

Distributor = individual or institution providing access to the Data Publication.

GIS data = geographic information system(GIS) data.

Metadata = data documentation such as what data were collected, why were the data collected, who collected the data, how was the data collected, who distributes the data, etc.

Monitored Access Repository = repository containing metadata documents that are publicly accessible, but users must agree to the Monitored Access data use agreement and register with the Forest Service before data are released. Data authors will be provided with contact information for data users and planned use(s) of the Data Publication.

Open Access Repository = repository containing publicly available metadata documents and Data Publications that are readily accessible via the selected dissemination mechanism if users agree to Open Access data use agreement.

Other Documentation = field site photos, lab notes, data analysis material, video clips, etc.