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Resource Management

Plans and Projects:  Forest Management

The Forest Plan provides a framework for management for the National Forests in Alabama.  Individual projects are proposed to meet the goals and objectives outlined in the Forest Plan.  Project decisions are posted by ranger districts for viewing or downloading.  Questions about projects should be directed to the contact listed within the project documents. 

The National Forests in Alabama has four forests with six ranger districts. 

To view documents for Bankhead National Forest, use the following link:

To view documents for Conecuh National Forest, use the following link:

To view documents for Talladega National Forest, use one of the following links:

To view documents for Tuskegee National Forest, use the following link:

Visit the national web site for additional information at www.fs.fed.us/foresthealth.


Timber and Special Forest Product Sales

Forest management continues to play an important role in the overall health of our national forest. Sound timber management practices help establish and maintain healthy and productive forests and ecosystems that are more resistant to insect attacks, diseases, ravages of fire and climatological events.

Previous Timber Sales

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Timber Sales


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