Resource Management

This is the day-to-day management that Forest Service personnel undertake to utilize and protect the resources for current and future generations.

Here you will find information on fire management, hazardous fuels reduction, resource management, and more.


Angeles National Forest Fire Management Program

The Angeles National Forest Fire Management program consists of managing fire resources for the forest, conducting fuels management programs in conjunction with other related staff just to mention a portion of the program responsibilities.  Follow this link for more information on the Forest fire Management Program. 

Angeles National Forest Resource Program

The Angeles National Forest Resource Program consists of many functional areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, Wildlife, Range, Botany, and planning to mention just a few.  


Vegetation Management

Each year, thousands of acres of grasses, chaparral, and trees in the San Gabriel Mountains are strategically chosen for vegetation "treatments".

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER)

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Information and reports. 


Information for Home Owners Regarding Restoration and Structure Protection

Information for home owners who need help with restoration and structure protection after a wildfire (preventing mudflows, erosion control, debri flows) on the following pages.