Resource Management


The Forest Service is strongly committed to the management of the National Forests. Our top priority is to maintain and improve the health, diversity, and productivity of forest ecosystems for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

A Balancing Act

Just what is the Carson National Forest?

Wilderness. Roads. Recreation. Rivers. Streams. Mountains. Canyons. Wild horses. Native Communities. Land grant communities. Travelers. Children. Elders. Past. Present. Future. History! Endangered species. Invasive Species. Archaeology. Watersheds. Camping. Timber. Livestock. Fishing.

An interconnected life, with so much to consider!

  • Wild Horse Gather

    Painted Horse adopted

    Learn about a Wild Horse Gather and Adoption initiated to protect these majestic creatures!

  • Mexican Spotted Owl

    Mexican Spotted Owl

    Learn about how we're protecting the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse, an endangered species.

  • Bark Beetle

    Bark Beetle Damage to Pinyon Juniper

    Learn how we're working to control the Bark Beetle, an invasive species that threatens our woodlands.