Resource Management

Natural Resources

Picture of Cows Grazing


Livestock grazing on National Forest System lands can provide a valuable resource to livestock owners as well as the American people. 

Annual Operating Instructions (AOIs) provide a set of instructions that guide the management of forest land. Operating Instructions are updated annually.  These are listed by Ranger District.

Rangeland Management before, during and after drought.  
Rangeland and livestock management in the southwestern U.S. presents many formidable challenges. Environmental regulations, cattle prices, and drought are just a few factors that contribute to the management challenges of the range-livestock industry. Although rangeland and livestock managers have little control over any of these variables, drought may be the least controllable or predictable. 

Hunting - For information about Licensing and Regulations and more information about hunting on the Carson National Forest, Contact the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish at (, Main Office, PO Box 25112,Santa Fe, NM 87504 – Phone (575) 827-7911


Horse 1 smallWild Horse Gather - The Carson National Forest initiated a wild horse gather on the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory on the Jicarilla Ranger District near Bloomfield, NM in July 2010. Existing range conditions have declined on the territory due to long term drought and past grazing activities. The Forest Service is attempting to reduce the grazing pressure from wild horses by gathering a portion of the population.



Bark Beetle: Widespread Piñon Mortality in Northern New Mexico.  Thousands of dead and dying piñons now dot the piñon-juniper woodlands of northern New Mexico.
   Picture of dying pinon trees