Resource Management

Making Tough Choices

1.78 million acres. Spread throughout mountain ranges in inhospitable deserts.

Birds, coyotes, fish, cactus, pine trees, mountains, canyons, hiking, skiing, camping, fishing, sleeping under the stars.




Ensuring the forest we love today will be a forest our grandchildren will teach their children to love

  • Forest Management

    saguaro at sunset

    Planning includes landscape and watershed assessments, roads analysis. These are an intermediate planning step that find the balance between forest planning and individual project plans.

  • Range Management

    Mountains and Range Land

    Livestock grazed the lands now know as the Coronado National Forest long before the the USDA Forest Service was established.  Annual Operating Instructions specify how that grazing takes place to preserve the rangeland on the forest.

  • Scenic Management

    Jumping Mouse

    The mountains of the Coronado National Forest provide a spectacular backdrop for residents living in Southern Arizona's desert cities. Coupled with the iconic saguaro, locals and visitors enjoy the natural beauty of these special places year-round.

  • Travel Management

    Great Blue Heron Rookery

    371,000 miles of road connect America’s National Forests to the nation. We often think of roads as access to recreation sites, they require careful maintenance to ensure they are safe for motorists and do not have a negative impact on wildlife habitats. 

  • Wildfire Crisis Strategy

    Wildfire Crisis Strategy Photo

    America's forests are in a state of fire emergency, with nearly a quarter of the lower 48 states' forests at moderate to very high risk of severe wildfires. Learn how we are addressing the wildfire crisis in southeastern Arizona.