Resource Management

Fire Management:

Fire plays a natural role in the Flathead National Forest and NW Montana ecosystem. It promotes vegetative and wildlife diversity and eliminates heavy fuel accumulations that can lead to catastrophic wildfire if not removed. Natural fires occur about every 5-25 years and they tend to be low intensity, ground fires that remove woody shrubs. The ponderosa pine, a common tree of the area, is well-adapted to fire. It relies on low intensity fires to burn litter and release soil nutrients, providing a good seedbed for ponderosa pine seeds. A map showing the history of fires on the Flathead National Forest can be found by clicking here (pdf, 0.8 mb): Fire History Map for the Flathead National Forest and Glacier National Park 1984-2018.

 Planned vs. Unplanned:

  • Forest fires can either be planned or unplanned. Planned, or prescribed, fires are employed for fuels and/or resource benefit purposes. Unplanned fires are ignited by natural causes (such as lightning) or humans (such as campfires not extinguished thoroughly). While natural causes cannot be escaped, human causes can which makes it important to always be aware of your fire and only start fires in designated areas.


Region 1 Intensified Grid Field Procedures Using Inventory and Monitoring Protocols:

This manual is designed for use in conjunction with the R1 Common Stand Exam and Inventory and Monitoring Field Guide.

2016 Intensified Grid Field Procedures, Using Inventory and Monitoring Protocols (Updated July 8, 2016) (.doc) or (.pdf) .


Timber Management:

The Timber Sale section that follows has detailed information on Timber Sales offered for bid, including bid dates, contacts, and sale documents.

Information on this site will be carefully reviewed and monitored to maintain accuracy, however, in the event that discrepancies occur between the official hard copy sale documents on file in the Forest Office, and those displayed on the website, information contained in the official copy takes precedence.



Timber Sales


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Swan Lake Ranger District

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Tally Lake Ranger District.

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Spotted Bear Ranger District

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Spotted Bear Ranger District

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Swan Lake Ranger District


Hungry Horse Ranger District


Granite Lodgepole Salvage Timber Sale (SOLD)

Hungry Horse Ranger District

Slippery Bill T.S. (SOLD)



Beaver Lake North Stewardship (SOLD)

Tally Lake Ranger District

Double Decker Log Deck Sale(SOLD)

Tally Lake Ranger District

Huey Timber Sale SOLD

Swan Lake Ranger District

Big Creek Blowdown Salvage T.S.(Sold)

Glacier View Ranger District

Swan Flat Stewardship (SOLD)

Swan Lake Ranger District