Resource Management

Resource Management

It takes a lot of work to balance everyone's needs as we maintain the amazing landscapes, wildlife and other resources found on the Santa Fe National Forest.

Without this effort, will there be a forest for future generations?

  • Wildlife/Fish/Plants

    Wild Horses

    Learn about Santa Fe National Forest wildlife and their habitats.   

  • Fisheries Program

    two fish in a stream

    The fisheries program on the Santa Fe is working hard to recover native aquatic species which live in nearly 1000 miles of streams and many fish-bearing lakes.

  • Rangeland

    Wild calf on the national forest

    Cattle grazing on the open range is an image that long pre-dates the establishment of the Santa Fe National Forest. We work to prevent over-grazing and to protect the forest.

  • New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse

    NM meadow jumping mouse

    Threats to the endangered NM meadow jumping mouse (jumping mouse) and its habitat include grazing pressure, water management and use, lack of water due to drought/climate change, wildfires, and certain recreation.