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The Sequoia National Forest covers over 1.1 million acres in three counties of Southern California and offers an abundance of recreation opportunities for people to enjoy.

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The Forest offers 52 developed campgrounds, hiking on more than 1,147 miles of trails including 47 miles of the PCT, over 314,448 acres of wilderness, 222 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers, 2,617 rivers and streams, world-class whitewater rapids, 158 ponds and lakes, boating, fishing, biking, horseback riding and more.

Sequoia National Forest
Giant Sequoia National Monument

Stay Informed! View the Sequoia National Forest - Forest Orders and Regulations

View the Sequoia National Forest, Hume Lake Ranger District, Western Divide Ranger District, and Kern River Ranger District Forest Orders by selecting the Highlighted Link - Click Here!

"Of all the mountain ranges I have climbed; I like the Sierra Nevada the best."
 - John Muir

Forest Conditions: Know Before You Go!

A well-planned outing can make the difference between a life-long memory and a disaster you hope to forget as soon as possible. Beautiful, sunny conditions where you live won't necessarily guarantee you the same when you're planning to hike a trail that's located at an elevation above 2500 feet.

  • French Fire Restoration Project

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    The USDA Forest Service is requesting public input on post-fire treatment activities on 3,148 acres of the Kern River Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest.

    For more information about this project click the button below or contact Kern River Ranger District project manager Keith (Andy) Stone at

  • Sequoia and Sierra National Forests Land Management Plans Revision

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    The Forest Service has completed plan revision for the Sequoia and Sierra National Forests and released final records of decision, forest plans, and the final environmental impact statement. These documents reflect over a decade of environmental analysis and coordination with Tribes, partners, and the public.

  • Access to Trail of 100 Giants and Quaking Aspen Campground

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    Visitors can access the Western Divide Ranger District, including Trail of 100 Giants and Quaking Aspen Campground by travelling through Johnsondale on M99 or M56 through California Hot Springs, over Parker Pass (M50) to M107, Western Divide Highway. Please plan ahead!

  • Passes and Permits

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    Interagency recreation passes provide access to recreation sites managed by a number of Federal agencies.

  • Maps and Publication

    22 Forest Maps

    Get ready for your visit by checking out our detailed maps, brochures, and information guides.

  • Alerts, Notices, and Forest Orders

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    Simply knowing the Forest Orders, current conditions, alerts, and closures prepares you for a pleasurable outdoor experience with no surprises!

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Forest Closes Location of the Historic Big Blue Mill Site to Public Access

The Sequoia National Forest has closed the Historic Big Blue Mill (Site) due to elevated levels of heavy metals that were determined to be a potential risk to public health. The Forest Service will be conducting an Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EECA) this Fall/Winter to evaluate Removal Action alternatives in order to reduce the risk of exposure to human health and the environment. 

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