Sequoia National Forest

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The Sequoia National Forest covers over 1.1 million acres in three counties of Southern California and offers an abundance of recreation opportunities for people to enjoy.

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The Forest offers 52 developed campgrounds, hiking on more than 1,147 miles of trails including 47 miles of the PCT, over 314,448 acres of wilderness, 222 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers, 2,617 rivers and streams, world-class whitewater rapids, 158 ponds and lakes, boating, fishing, biking, horseback riding and more.

Sequoia National Forest
Giant Sequoia National Monument

"Of all the mountain ranges I have climbed; I like the Sierra Nevada the best."
 - John Muir

  • SMOKE 101

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    While fire can provide many benefits such as reducing fuels and renewing forests, smoke from fires poses a serious challenge to public health, land managers, and air quality regulators. So, can we reduce these challenges?

  • HUMO 101

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    Si bien el fuego puede proporcionar muchos beneficios, como la reducción de combustibles y la renovación de los bosques, el humo de los incendios plantea un grave desafío para la salud pública, los administradores de tierras y los reguladores de la calidad del aire. Entonces, ¿podemos reducir estos desafíos?

  • Woodcutting Permits Available

    A firewood cutting permit and load tickets are required to cut, gather, and transport firewood in the Forest. Firewood is $10 per cord with a minimum purchase of two cords per person ($20), a maximum purchase of 10 cords per household, and will expire Saturday, November 30, 2024.

About the Forest Service

Our mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations.

As employees of the Forest Service, we value and believe in: 

  • Service. To each other. To the American people. To the planet.
  • Interdependence. Of all things. People and nature. Communities and colleagues. The past, present, and future.
  • Conservation. Protection when necessary. Preservation when appropriate. Restoration, when needed, and wise management for multiple use and enjoyment always.
  • Diversity.  People and cultures. Perspectives and ideas. Experiences and ecosystems.
  • Safety. In every way: physical, psychological, and social.

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Sequoia and Sierra National Forests Land Management Plans Revision

23 Forest Plan Revision

The Forest Service has completed plan revision for the Sequoia and Sierra National Forests and released final records of decision, forest plans, and the final environmental impact statement. These documents reflect over a decade of environmental analysis and coordination with Tribes, partners, and the public.

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Forest Closes Location of the Historic Big Blue Mill Site to Public Access

The Sequoia National Forest has closed the Historic Big Blue Mill (Site) due to elevated levels of heavy metals that were determined to be a potential risk to public health. The Forest Service will be conducting an Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EECA) this Fall/Winter to evaluate Removal Action alternatives in order to reduce the risk of exposure to human health and the environment. 

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