Dinkey Creek

Dinkey Creek, High Sierra Ranger District. Photo by: Mauro Napoletano, Patrol 42

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We have a lot more information about recreation opportunities across the forest.

Sierra National Forest Officials issue Forest Order No.05-15-51-18-15 Ferguson Fire Area Trail Closures

Know before you go

Sierra National Forest Officials Issue: Trail Closure Order Shadow of the Giants Trail

Forest Order 05-15-00-17-17 Wilderness Campfire Restrictions

Information regarding Campgrounds: Forest Order 05-15-00-18-03 Recreation Site and Road Closure - June 12, 2018

You can get a campfire permit online!

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Forest Plan Revision

R5 Map 3 Forests

Learn how you can get involved in the revision of our forest ...

Dinkey Landscape Restoration Collaborative

Dinkey Photo

Learn how people are restoring fire-adaptive ecosystems across the southern Sierra Nevada.


Nature's Benefits

Nature's Benefits

From clean air and water to habitat for wildlife to sustaining local economies, the benefits from our national fores...

Travel Analysis

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We are analyzing a sustainable network of roads that will support both travel and the administration of the forest....

A map of our nations national forests and grasslands.

Interactive Visitor Map: Sierra National Forest


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