Chippewa National Forest

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  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) on Chippewa National Forest

    Identifying marks of Emerald Ash Borer on a tree trunk

    Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been confirmed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) in Cass County, including a small portion (southeast) of the Chippewa National Forest. The MDA has enacted an emergency quarantine area surrounding the EAB Generally Infested Area. 


Women's History Month

For over a hundred years, women have taken on an active role on the Chippewa National Forest. In the late 1800’s the Minnesota Federation of Women’s Clubs initiated the creation of a forest reserve, which eventually became the Chippewa National Forest. Led by Mrs. Lydia Williams and Mrs. William (Florence) Bramhall, the Federation took their cause to the public. Lydia Williams, known as a fiery speaker, led excursions to Leech Lake, to promote publicity for the preservation of pine areas and for just compensation for the Ojibwe population.

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Women's History Month Ann Long Voelkner, Walker District Ranger

The USDA Forest Service is always changing and adapting, just like the land we care for and people we serve. As my short story within Women’ History Month, my career has also reflected so many opportunities to gain experience, grow, adapt, and change while collaborating with supportive co-workers.

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