Rock climbers visit from around the world to climb the dolomite cliffs and granite spires of the Bighorns. The vertical to overhanging pocketed faces of dolomite offer elite physical challenges.  Please respect cultural resources by leaving artifacts and petroglyphs as you find them. All archaeological sites, artifacts and cultural resources are protected by state and federal law.

Tensleep Canyon is the most popular climbing area on the Forest. Rock climbing and rappelling activities are allowed except in areas posted as closed. The rock climbing areas known as Funky Town and Trump Tower, including their approach trails, are currently closed to climbing and travel.

Development of new rock climbing areas and routes involving the permanent installation of new fixed anchors or new trail construction requires prior Forest Service authorization.

There is currently no authorization process for climbing development within the Bighorn National Forest. However, the Forest Service is collaborating with the climbing community to develop site-specific Climbing Management Plans that may consider procedures for the review and authorization of new climbing development.

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