OHV Riding & Camping

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  • Motor Vehicle Use Map & SD Permits

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    The Black Hills offers over 3,800 miles of roads & trails for motorized vehicles. Over 700 miles of system trails are designated for OHVs & available for riding with a valid Motorized Trail Permit.

  • WY ORV Permits

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    Black Hills National Forest partners with the WY State Trails Program. The trails on the National Forest are covered by this partnership & trail users are required to have a WY State ORV Permit displayed on their vehicles. A Black Hills National Forest Trail Permit is not required by OHVs using trails in WY.

  • Motorized Trailheads

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    There are currently 21 designated motorized trailheads on the Forest. 

  • Know the Trail

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    Learn about OHV Areas Open to Cross-Country Travel, OHVs & Hunting, & OHV Camping, along with direction for OHV width measurement, Riding Responsibly and Tread Lightly. 

  • Travel Management Plan

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    The Forest Travel Management Plan identified roads and trails open to motorized travel. 

Recreation Areas

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