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The Cleveland National Forest is open to hunting in the pursuit of birds and game according to the current season schedule and hunting regulations set by the California Department of Fish and Game. In addition to a hunting license, certain areas on the forest may require a Forest Adventure Pass. Passes can be purchased at local Forest Service offices or National Forest Adventure Pass vendors. For additional information contact your local Forest Service office.


A state hunting license is required for taking any bird or mammal. Hunters must carry licenses and be prepared to show them upon request. Guns and other equipment used for hunting must also be shown upon request. In addition to a hunting license, state and federal duck stamps are required to take migratory waterfowl, and an upland game bird stamp is required to take pheasants, turkey, doves, pigeon, snipe, grouse, quail, partridge and chukar.


National Forest lands are often surrounded and intertwined with private land. Please be careful to ensure you are on National Forest lands during your hunting activities. Information on where you can hunt and trails you can use to enter remote areas of the forest can be obtained from your nearest Forest Service office. Now, on to the main show...


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