Horse Riding & Camping

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Trail Conditions Report and Map at the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation

The Forest offers a multitude of trails for horseback riders; front country, backcountry, and wilderness trails. Many of the trails are used by hikers; and non-wilderness trails are used by bikers; all users are encouraged to share the trails.

Front Country Suggested Rides

Elk Mountain Trail (#252) 10 miles - Tally Lake District

Round Meadow Trails (#45) 12 miles -Tally Lake District

South Fork Trail (#80) 43.5 miles - Spotted Bear (Wilderness)

Gunsight Peak (#43) 7.5 miles -Spotted Bear (some Wilderness)

Spotted Bear to Schafer (#327) 18 miles Spotted Bear (Great Bear Wilderness)

Holland Gordon (#35) 8.3 miles Swan Lake District

Echo Broken Leg /Wolf Creek (#544) 9.5 miles Swan Lk District

Noxious Weed Seed Free Forage Required on All Public Lands in Montana

Weed seed free hay is required on all Forest Service lands in Region One and on all public lands in Montana. Weed seed free hay bales are identified by color of twine (often orange and blue), or certification tag. It is recommended that horses coming to forest lands are feed weed seed free hay for three days in advance. Visit Montana Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Seed Free Forage Page for specific information.

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