Horse Riding & Camping

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The Forest offers a multitude of trails for horseback riders; front country, backcountry, and wilderness trails.  Many of the trails are used by hikers; and non-wilderness trails are used by bikers; all users are encouraged to share the trails.

Front Country Suggested Rides:

Elk Mountain Trail (#252) 10 miles - Tally Lake District

Round Meadow Trails (#45) 12 miles -Tally Lake District

South Fork Trail (#80) 43.5 miles - Spotted Bear (Wilderness)

Gunsight Peak (#43) 7.5 miles -Spotted Bear (some Wilderness)

Spotted Bear to Schafer (#327) 18 miles Spotted Bear (Great Bear Wilderness)

Holland Gordon (#35) 8.3 miles Swan Lake District

Echo Broken Leg /Wolf  Creek (#544) 9.5 miles Swan Lk District 

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