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Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation, including ATVs and motorcycles, is just one of the many uses allowed on National Forest lands.

Strategically located areas serve as important motorized trail destinations.  A system of motorized trails and roads are maintained and managed to provide unique experiences including loops and links to larger systems of long distance opportunities.

Other than winter snowmobile use, motor vehicle travel is allowed only on designated trails and roads. Off-road/trail travel is prohibited. All OHV vehicles and over-snow vehicles must have a current state registration. For more information on - Motorized Travel Rules for OHV Use on the GMUG National Forest.  View Colorado State OHV information.

It is your responsibility to know and abide by regulations relating to motor vehicle travel. Federal law prohibits operation of any mechanical or motorized equipment within the boundaries of a Wilderness or other special closure areas. Refer to the Motor Vehicle Use Maps and visitor use maps or contact your the Ranger District  for more information.

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