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Horsetrails by Lenth
Trail Length (Miles)
Hungerford 42.17
Marzinski 20
Shore to Shore Trail 85
Recreation Fee Symbol - Sign at Recreation Sites

Look for this sign when you enter the site.

There are three horse trails on the Huron-Manistee National Forests, with a total of almost 200 miles of trail.

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The Shore-to-Shore trail runs from Empire near Lake Michigan and ends at Lake Huron. Off the 220 miles of trail, only the 112 miles from I-75 to Lake Huron are located on the National Forests. The trail follows the Au Sable River for about 50 miles and has four campgrounds located at 25 mile intervals within the National Forests. Water is available at all of the campgrounds, however at the group sites you will need to bring a 5,000 watt generator.

Hungerford Recreation Area, located west of Big Rapids consists of a series of loops that provide over 45 miles of horseback riding, hiking and mountain bike trails. The horse and mountain bike trails are two seperate and distinctive trails. The area is 6,500 acres and has two campgrounds. The trail goes through an area heavily forested with oak, maple, aspen and red and white pine as well as crossing through fields and meadows. At times rider will cross roads, and the topography will range from hilly to very hilly. The trailhead for the horse trail is located near the group site in the Hungerford Campground.Water is available at all of the campgrounds, however at the group sites you will need to bring a 5,000 watt generator.

Marzinksi Trail starts in the campground and is comprised of loops of varying lengths to create a short 16 mile ride through mostly flat terrain in a mixed hardwood/pine forest. The campground has large campsites, good for horse trailers and larger RV's. There are no fees for the trailhead or campsites.

Sites Requiring Reservations

The sites listed below from the Shore to Shore Trail recommend or require a reservation:

  • RiverRoad Trail Camp
  • South Branch Trail Camp

Trail Passes

Passes can be paid for at the site by using a fee envelope, locatednear the bulletin board or can be purchased from a Forest Serice Office or vendor. For more information on which passes are available and which pass will best suit your needs during your visit, visitthe Passes and Permits section of the website.

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