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 Piping plover on the beach.  There are many areas on the forest for viewing scenary, plants and wildlife on the Forests. Below is a little information to get you started on where to go and what to look for. The specific pages for each topic will offer a little more information, along with links to specific sites where you can view wildlife, plants or scenary on the Huron-Manistee National Forests.


Kirtlands WarblerThe Forests are teeming with wildlife viewing opportunities and visitors can, and sometimes do, see wildlife every where from roads to campsites. With over 400 known bird species and almost 200 other species of wildlife, Michigan is home to a wide variety of flying, swimming, walking and slithering inhabitants.  While you are likely to run across several species of wildlife, including sensitive species, there are several opportunities to have experts show you where to look.

Both a guided and self-guided driving tour is available that will take visitors through various stages of Kirtlands warbler habitat. 


Lumberman's Monument Visitor Center - OverlookThere are several observation points on the forest where visitors will be treated to a view of one of the five (5) nationally designated Wild and Scenic Rives on the Forests.  Visitors to the Lake Michigan Recreation Area will also be able to climb up to the observation deck to see the broad expanse of Lake Michigan. Those who hike into the wilderness will get to see the view from atop the dunes located in the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area.

Many of the trails on the forest also provide locations for visitors to view scenary, including the Manistee River Trail, Highbanks Trail and North Country National Scenic Trail.  


Loda Lake National Widlflower Sanctuary - PartridgeberryVisitors looking to see the stationary scenary of native plants can take a walk around Loda Lake to "Witness the Wonder of Wildflowers". There are over 238 plant species in the only designated wildflower sanctuary in the National Forest Service.

Several recreation sites are host to native plant gardens, including Lake Michigan Recreation Area, Lumberman's Monument Visitor Center, and Big O 32nd St. Trailhead.  

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