Winter Sports

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Cross Country Skiing

There is no greater winter pleasure than making tracks into the white beauty of the high Allegheny Mountains on snowshoes or cross country skis. Miles and miles of ungroomed trails and unplowed forest roads change character when coated with snow and become a stage for a special winter outing. There is a place for you if you seek natural beauty and the peace of winter quiet, the challenge of self-sufficient winter travel, an outing with friends or the natural high that comes with exercise.

The high Allegheny Mountains form the backbone of the Monongahela National Forest. Winter recreation opportunities can be found near every community and are easily accessible to the major highways that cross the mountains. The communities located within and adjacent to the Monongahela National Forest have comfortable lodging, and choices for breakfast before your adventure and pie and hot drink afterward. Canaan Valley State Park and Blackwater Falls State Park located within the Forest's boundary also offers skiing and lodging. For more information on skiing opportunities in West Virginia call the tourism hotline at 1-800-CALL-WVA.

Here is a list of possibilities for snowy trips in the Forest.

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