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Recreational Collecting

Recreational collecting is the collecting of rocks, fossils and minerals for personal enjoyment. The collection of these materials cannot be for the purpose of sale, barter or trade.  Please see our recreational collecting guidelines for more information pertaining to rock-hounding/fossil collecting, gathering of landscape material, gold panning and metal detecting on the Ottawa National Forest.



The Ottawa National Forest is known as waterfall country!  Trails mark the way to many of the Ottawa’s waterfalls, but others require the use of a map and a compass.  In the summer, flora and fauna adorn the shoreline of the falls, and the tumbling winter temperatures create an eerie wonderland of ice and snow.  Pack your camera and water bottle as you explore the magnificent waterfalls of the Ottawa.  Please see our waterfall page for a list of waterfalls around the Ottawa National Forest and directions to find them.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities