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Mountain biker on Thumb Butte trail

Nearly 450 miles of scenic trails are open to hikers, bikers, and horse riders on the Prescott National Forest.  The forest also contains one National Recreation Trail (Granite Mountain Trail) and one National Historic Study Trail (General Crook Trail).  Central Arizona's mild climate allows most trails to be enjoyed year-round.

For information about e-bikes on the Forest, please see Use of Electronic Bicycles (E-bikes) on Prescott National Forest

Report Trail Conditions: Help us manage trails for your safety and enjoyment by reporting your experience to the Prescott Trails Safety Coalition.

Trails built with mountain bikers in mind:

Note: Bicycles are not allowed within the boundaries of designated wilderness areas. Forest Service Briefing Paper on Electronic Bikes (E-bikes)

Trail etiquette sign: cyclists yield to horses and hikers, and hikers yield to horses.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities