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The San Bernardino National Forest is a nearby oasis for millions of Southern Californians who want to escape for the weekend and go camping. The higher elevations of the forest mean that the summertime temperatures are cooler than the valleys below. And as an added bonus most campgrounds have shaded sites and some are near streams or lakes. Many campgrounds are adjacent to beautiful natural areas and you can find solitude on quiet wilderness trails.

Some campgrounds are reserved campsites, and on weekends or holidays we definitely recommend making a reservation. To do this, visitors can go online to or call toll-free 1-877-444-6777. Most campgrounds can accommodate both tent campers and RV's. All campgrounds have picnic tables and restroom facilities, and some even have showers and other amenities. Most campsites accommodate up to 6 people and 2 tents. There may be an additional cost for more than one vehicle.

The Forest Service describes camping as either "developed" (usually accessible by road and including facilities like picnic tables, restrooms and fire-rings) or "undeveloped/dispersed" (remote areas accessible only by dirt roads or trails, no facilities). During winter months some locations may be inaccessible due to snow or closed, check with the local Ranger Station for updated conditions.

On page 5 of our San Bernardino National Forest Visitor Guide there is a table listing all of our campgrounds and their amenities. We also have pdf (online only) versions in these languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog & Vietnamese.

Please visit this website for camping tips that will help make your experience fun and safe.


The San Bernardino National Forest does not manage any cabin rentals.  If you wish to rent a cabin near the National Forest, please contact the nearest Chamber of Commerce, or rental agency. 

Select this link for more information on Recreation Residences, which are cabins on National Forest System lands, owned and taken care of by private parties. These cabins are not available for rent to the general public.