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Nothing is quite as good as a picnic on a summer day, and there are many good picnic spots for you to choose from.  Some picnic grounds are separate areas, but sometimes picnic grounds are incorporated into a "day use area" in a campground.  Many day use areas in campgrounds are located near boat landings, and may include fishing piers and drinking water as well.  Facilities at picnic areas are usually vault type outhouses without sinks, so you may want to pack hand sanitizer with your lunch.  Packing water is a good idea as well, some picnic areas outside of campgrounds may not have drinking water available.

Follow Leave No Trace principles by respecting wildlife and not feeding squirrels, chipmunks, and other creatures.  Make sure to use bear resistant garbage containers when available.  On some types, it may be necessary to relock the lid after use.  At other sites, there may be no garbage containers available so you will need to pack out any garbage you create.  Never dispose of garbage in vault toilets.

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