Scenic Driving

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Clicking on the link above will lead to you several scenic drives in the Superior National Forest.

Driving can be an excellent way to tour the expansive Superior National Forest.  Hundreds of miles of Forest Roads, three nationally designated Scenic Byways and Drives, and a two loop interpretive driving tour are all waiting for you.  You may wish to pick up (or order by mail) a Forest Map before you go.

Scene on the Tofte Fall Color TourWhen driving Forest Roads, be aware of road conditions and traffic.  Many of these roads are single lane with occasional wide turnouts for passing oncoming traffic.  You may have to back up to allow oncoming vehicles to pass.  There may be logging trucks on these roads.  Areas with truck traffic are often posted, though you should always drive with the assumption that there could be logging traffic.

Check out the interactive mapping application showcasing the 96 waysides located along the North Shore Scenic Drive (MN Highway 61) between Duluth and Grand Portage along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

  • Know Before You Go

    Get the most out of your visit by being prepared. Remember you are responsible for your own safety.