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Fishing is serious business in Southeast Alaska. A large part of the population earns their livelihood from fishing. An even larger part takes non-commercial fishing seriously - for fun and food.

With its abundance of water, the Tongass National Forest provides some the best cold-water fishing in the world. Anglers pursue halibut, salmon and lingcod in the surrounding salt water. Freshwater fishing in the numerous lakes and streams is also popular. Cutthroat trout grow to trophy size in some of the larger lakes, while salmon and steelhead trout returning to the rivers attract both humans and bears.

All freshwater fish depend on a healthy habitat for their continued health and abundance. The Forest Service manages rivers, streams and lakes and the land around them to assure continuing fish populations.

Both freshwater and saltwater fishing is regulated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Be sure to check the regulations before you head out and get the proper fishing license.

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