Nature Viewing

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Bears feeding in a salmon choked stream; an alpine meadow dotted with wildflowers; a copper sunset from a scenic outlook-nature viewing is part of the Tongass experience. Don’t forget your camera!

Wildlife Viewing Etiquette:

When you visit the Tongass National Forest, remember that you are entering the home of all sorts of animals, from tiny shrews and flying squirrels to enormous moose and brown bear. When you act as a good guest, you might be rewarded with the chance to view animals in their natural environment without disturbing them.

Proper etiquette requires that you give wildlife space. If they stop what they are doing, appear nervous, leave or approach – you are too close. Coming too close can harm the animals and can put you in danger. Moose and bears can do significant damage if they feel threatened. Be particularly wary around mothers and their young. Disturbing animals also stresses them and can make it harder for them to put on the fat reserves they will need to make it through the winter.

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