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Sea Kayaking on the Petersburg Ranger District

The Petersburg area offers outstanding paddling opportunities. From an iceberg filled fjord in LeConte Bay to the Keku Islands this remote area has hundreds of miles of shoreline to explore. But Alaska is not a forgiving place, being remote, having cold water, large tides and rugged terrain means help is not just around the corner. One needs to be experienced in both paddling and wilderness camping. There are not established campsites and we are trying to keep them from forming. To help ensure these wild areas retain their naturalness it’s best to camp on the durable surfaces of the beach and not damage the fragile
uplands vegetation.

Canoeing Admiralty Island National Monument

For a larger printed map please contact the Admiraly Island National Monumnet office at:

8510 Mendenhall Loop Road
Juneau, AK 99801
Monument Ranger: Chad Van Ormer
Phone: 9107-586-8800

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