DWR Mule DeerHunting has been practiced for generations on Forest Service land. However, it's more than a traditional pastime. Hunting also has an ecological benefit as it's one of many ways in which wildlife managers are able to keep wildlife populations in balance with the animal's habitat, human development and the natality and mortality of the animals.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources manages hunting within the state. For information on seasons, licenses and other details, check their website or call their local hotline at 801-596-8660 or toll-free hotline at 1-877-592-5169.

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Hunting Safety Tips

National forests are a refuge for wild animals of all kinds, which makes recreational activities, for example hunting and wildlife viewing possible. Hunting is a seasonal activity. State regulations for seasons, dates and licensing apply on national forest land.

  • Check weather reports before visiting the forest.
  • Tell someone where you will be hunting and when you will return.
  • Be familiar with the area you want to hunt.
  • Dress properly and be prepared for the worst possible weather conditions and changing weather.
  • If accompanied by a dog, the dog should wear hunter orange or a very visible color on a vest, leash, coat or bandana.
  • Utilize layering techniques to wick away moisture while retaining body warmth. Always bring rain gear.
  • Clearly identify your target before shooting. Prevent unfortunate accidents or fatalities.
  • Be alert when hunting near developed areas and trails. Other recreationists are in the forest as well.
  • If hunting in bear country, follow these tips at the Be Bear Aware website.
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