Advisory: Hiking at High Elevations


Hiking at high elevations (Mt Baldy, Ice House Canyon, Mt. Islip, etc.) in winter/spring/and even early to mid-summer requires experienced mountaineering skills and is not recommended for those unprepared for extreme conditions that can change very quickly. 

The weather might be warm at the start of your hike, but there could still be winter-like conditions on taller peaks in the mountains ahead of you.

Consider both your safety and the safety of rescuers.

The following is strongly recommended when accessing areas with extreme alpine conditions, e.g., Mt. Baldy & Icehouse Canyon areas, Mt. Islip, etc.

--Do not travel alone

--Bring extra food, clothing, and supplies

--Be prepared for changing weather conditions

--Be prepared in case you need to stay overnight

--Winter mountaineering training 

--Maps and compass

--Alpine boots


--Ice axe

--Crampons (10 or more points)

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