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  • Ice Lakes Area is now seasonally open


  • SJNF-2022-04 - Occupancy and Use Restrictions - Chimney Rock National Mounument
  • Closure SJNF-2022-03-Ryman Creek Trail #734 Seasonal Trail Closure
  • Closure SJNF-2022-01 - Chicken Creek Ski Area
  • Closure SJNF-2022-02 - Grizzly Peak Research Natural Area Special Closure Order


Campground Status

Status update 05/17/2022

Dolores Ranger District Road Status

Status updated 6/15/2022

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Public Notices

San Juan National Forest: Special Orders 1979-current

Visitors should be aware that special orders regarding many uses and activities may be in effect on the San Juan National Forest.  Forest Service Regional orders should also be reviewed as some activities are prohibited on a Regional level.  Click on the heading to view current special orders.

Forest Service Rocky Mountain (R2) Region Special Orders

Click on the heading to view special orders issued by the Rocky Mountain Region. These special orders apply to visitors and activities on the San Juan National Forest.