Special Places

For those who want to get away from the rigors of modern society, we offer eight Wilderness Areas totaling over 590,000 acres. They are managed to ensure public enjoyment while protecting the unique natural character of these special places.

Tonto NF Wilderness Areas

Fossil Creek Wild and Scenic River 

Verde Scenic River Area & Wild River Area

Motorized equipment and mechanized transport, including bicycles, are prohibited, there are no developed facilities, and horses and hiking are the primary means of transportation in these Congressionally-mandated wilderness areas.

In addition, portions of the Verde River have been designated by Congress as Arizona's first and only Wild River Area, and only Scenic River Area.

Our Wilderness FAQs page has answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Wilderness Areas.

Activities such as prospecting and treasure troving are limited. For more information, go to Other Wilderness Activities.

All of our Wilderness Areas adhere to the LEAVE NO TRACE policy. For more information contact your local forest office.

Other Wilderness Resources