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Draft Land Management Plan and DEIS Available for Public Review and Comment

We encourage you to review the draft Land Management Plan and draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Chugach National Forest. The draft documents reflect years of analyses and extensive public participation, and we want to keep that public involvement going! Review the documents on our Land Management Plan Revision webpage and then submit your comments within the 90-day comment period. All of the details on how to submit comments are on the webpage. 

Portage Curve Multimodal Connector Project

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The Chugach National Forest is proposing to construct a multimodal recreational path along the Seward Highway between Ingram Creek and an area north of Twentymile River.

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Helicopter Business Opportunities

The Chugach National Forest is determining interest in two temporary special use permits for commercially guided heli-skiing on the Seward and Cordova Ranger Districts for the 2019 season.

Chugach Children's Forest

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The Chugach Children’s Forest creates opportunities for Alaska’s diverse youth and communities to connect with the over five million acres of the Chugach National Forest.


Sterling Highway MP 45-60 Project

The Forest Service proposes a project-specific Forest Plan amendment to make this route consistent with the Chugach Forest Plan related to Federal Highway Administration Record of Decision.

Carter Lake Trail Work

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Chugach Children’s Forest created a new youth crew to engage on the forest. The Chugach Forest Conservation crew is made up of youth from Alaska who work with forest staff.

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