Scan & Pay Activity Passes

Scan & Pay available on Talladega National Forest Oakmulgee District ONLY.

Instructions to pay with the mobile app:

Step 1: Introducing Scan & Pay to pay for activities by purchasing an Activity Pass at select locations.

Step 2: Visit the kiosk, scan the QR code with the app, and follow the on-screen instructions to purchase an Activity Pass.

Step 3: Got cell connectivity? You’re all set! No problem! Your payment will be marked as “Pending” until you reach cell connectivity later.

Step 4: Be sure to follow any additional instructions at the kiosk or on your Activity Pass to show proof of payment and use the pass.

Step 5: If asked for proof of payment, simply show the confirmation number and QR code on your phone.

Infographic illustrating steps for using scan and go option to pay for activities