Penny Pines Program

The Penny Pines Program was initiated in California in 1941. It started small, under the sponsorship of the San Francisco Sportswomen's Association in 1941. The minimum donation is $68.00. To date, 59 years later, those pennies have amounted to well over 1 million dollars, and the program is a statewide conservation project supported by numerous individuals and organizations. Over the years, individuals, community organizations, and groups of all sizes have participating in the Penny Pines Program. Garden clubs, women's clubs, men's service organizations, youth groups, and schools have all cooperated to help keep California's forests green and growing.

Other states have cooperative planting programs, but the Penny Pines Program is unique to California. Almost every National Forest in the State has a Penny Pines program and plantation area. A sign at each plantation lists the organizations which have donated to that particular site. Since funds are sent to the closest National Forest, contributors are able to visit the plantation sites and enjoy the results of their cooperation.

During the past 59 years, the Penny Pines donations have helped maintain the National Forests in California. Participation in the program has also helped many people understand important things about conservation of natural resources and wise management of the public forestlands that belong to them.

For more information on the Penny Pines program contact your nearest Forest Service Office or follow this link to the Penny Pines Brochure (PDF). 

Penny Pines Donation Letter  

A minimum donation of $68.00 may be made to a specific National Forest. The funds are deposited into a Penny Pines Reforestation account, drawn upon as improvement projects are determined by resource managers. A certificate of appreciation and thank you note is sent to each donor. Your donation to the Penny Pines Project will help bring new life into our National Forest! Please support the Angeles National Forest by printing this form and mailing it in with your tax-deductible contribution to:

Angeles National Forest

701 N. Santa Anita Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91006
Attn: Penny Pines Coordinator

For more information contact the Forest Supervisor’s Office (626) 574-5200. 



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Make checks payable to: USDA Forest Service