Harney Peak


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The Hell Canyon Ranger District is located in the southern third of the Black Hills National Forest, with offices in both Newcastle, WY and Custer, SD.  It manages approximately 440,000 acres that borders Custer State Park, and three high-use National Park Service units - Wind Cave, Jewel Cave, and Mt. Rushmore. The District manages the Black Elk Wilderness, and the Norbeck Wildlife Preserve within the Black Hills National Forest. 

The District has a large and very active multiple use program including timber management, range, fire, fuels, lands, minerals, wildlife, heritage resources, recreation and wilderness. Currently there is a permanent workforce of 60 employees, with an additional 60 seasonal employees hired during the summer field season. 

Hell Canyon District employees give a presentation

The Hell Canyon Ranger District offers an annual timber harvest offer ranges from 35,000-60,000 ccf annually, manages a large range program with 80 permittees, has a unique minerals program supporting a feldspar and mica mill, and manages a heavy concentration of heritage sites.


Black Elk Wilderness