Fire Restrictions

In the South Dakota portion of the Black Hills National Forest, you can have campfires ONLY in established campfire grills & grates at designated recreation sites. See the Forest Special Order for more information. 

Campfires are allowed in undeveloped areas in the Wyoming portion of the Black Hills National Forest, unless a special order is in place that restricts this. Before building a campfire, please clear all nearby vegetation and establish a campfire ring. In developed campgrounds, campfires are only allowed in designated fire grates.

Black Hills National Forest officials remind the public that fireworks are not allowed on the Black Hills National Forest and within the Black Hills Fire Protection District (map on page 4).

Possessing, discharging or using any kind of fireworks or pyrotechnic devices is prohibited on the Black Hills National Forest year-round, regardless of weather conditions or holidays.

Help spread the word - Download the Black Hills National Forest Smokey Bear Independence Day Fire Prevention Letter (.pdf) and/or Postcard (.pdf).

Black Hills Fire Restrictions - See the latest interagency information on rules and restrictions of campfires, fireworks, burning, and other in the Black Hills area. 

Burn Permits

Permits are needed for private campfire facilities on private land within the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District, excluding incorporated cities or towns. Permits may be obtained by contacting the local field office for the South Dakota Wildland Fire Division or calling 605-393-8011.