BAER Team Completes Holy Fire Impact Assessment

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BAER Team Completes Holy Fire Impact Assessment

San Diego, CA. (September 13, 2018) - The U.S. Forest Service Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team recently completed their assessment of the Holy Fire burned area. The BAER report identifies risks to life, property, and critical natural or cultural resources in and around the fire area on forest service lands.


Assessments of the Holy Fire burned area revealed numerous hazards, including the high potential for debris flow, flooding, mud flows, erosion, and rock fall, all of which could impact roads, trails, recreation areas, and long-term natural recovery. Emergency treatment will include area closures, stabilization of roads and trails, barrier installation, hazardous materials stabilization, and other prescriptions.


BAER does not provide cleanup or repair damaged assets, structures, or properties affected by fire or flood. Private property owners and land managers who require assistance protecting values at risk should contact the Emergency Management Department (EMD) for Riverside County at (951) 358-7100, Orange County at (714) 628-7054, or the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) at (951) 654-7139.


The Forest Service BAER team collaborated with the state watershed emergency response team who conducted a similar assessment covering non-forest service lands. The final report will be available through EMD.


In 2016, an inch and a half of rain dislodged soil and slopes from the 148-acre Holy Fire in Trabuco Canyon. This gave way to large mudslides, trapping six vehicles, washing away roads and blocking access to recreation areas. Debris flows and mudslides remain a concern until an area recovers from fire damage, which can take several years. The 2018 Holy Fire began on August 6 and burned 23,025 acres. It is now 98% contained.


For more information, or to read a copy of the BAER reports, please visit the Cleveland National Forest Holy Fire information page