Potential gap in service during transition between Sabino Canyon shuttle system operators

Tucson, AZ (June 20, 2018) – For Immediate Release. As the operation and maintenance of the shuttle system for the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area transition to a new permit holder, a gap in service may occur due to the automatic stay under Forest Service regulations of issuance of the new permit during the appeal of the permit holder selection decision.

The current shuttle system permit expires June 30, 2018. The Forest Service is exploring potential approaches to the gap in service. The gap may be short or may last for several months, depending on the duration of the appeal process.

The Sabino Canyon Recreation Area and Visitor Center will remain open; the only change will be temporary cessation of shuttle service. Numerous opportunities for recreational activities will still be available, including hiking, picnicking, bird and nature watching, and enjoyment of the stream and riparian area.

Changes in shuttle service will be announced through news releases and posted on the Coronado National Forest website at www.fs.usda.gov/Coronado 

Visitors are reminded that monsoon storms may bring lightning and downstream flash flooding and are encouraged to check local weather forecasts when planning outings. Low-lying areas should be avoided during storms.