The Palisades Ranger District has the honor of the Snake River running through it.  By length, the Snake River is the thirteenth largest river in the United States.  Its watershed is the tenth-largest among North American rivers and covers 108,000 square miles with the largest portion in Idaho.

District Ranger:  Tracy Hollingshead
Address:  3659 E. Ririe Highway, Idaho Falls, ID  83401
Phone:  208-523-1412     Fax:  208-523-1418
Office Hours:  8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday




There are a ton of trails available, of which several are suited for horseback riding and mountain biking, in addition to hiking,  and motorized and non-motorized trails on the district.  For maps that you can download click here.






Camping is always a terrific recreational experience and camping on the Palisades district is no different.  There are numerous campgrounds located around the Palisades Resevoir and throughout the district.  For camping information click Recreation on the navigational site (on your left), then click Camping.

ATV Users: ATV's will not be permitted to enter into the following campgrounds; Falls, Calamity, Big Elk Creek, and Alpine. The campgrounds listed will have a designated parking area for ATV's and ATV Trailers. All ATV's must be either parked in the designated area or put on the trailer and parked at your campsite if space is available.


Dispersed Camping

Throughout the District, camping is allowed in many undeveloped sites. Camping is free in these more remote areas as long as you select a site outside a developed campground. The dispersed camping limit in one spot is 14 days.  These spots generally have no amenities. The Palisades Ranger District does have a 5 day stay limit in some areas. For more information on the 5 day stay limit, contact the Palisades Ranger District. 

Please check with the Palisades Ranger District for the areas that are open to dispersed camping and the current fire or camping regulations for those areas.


Adopt-a-Trail and Adopt-a-Site

Adopt-a-Trail and Adopt-a-Site is an exciting program that allows individuals and/or groups to take an active part in the upkeep of trails and/or sites within your national forest.  Click here for more information on this great program.


Palisades Reservoir

Palisades Reservoir


Palisades Reservoir is in a scenic valley with forested hillsides rising from the water to the towering snowcapped mountains which form the background. The Palisades Dam and Reservoir are located on the Snake River about 55 miles southeast of Idaho Falls, Idaho on Hwy 26 and since the reservoir is paralleled by Hwy 26 much of the recreational use is by tourists. The reservoir has about 70 miles of shoreline and six access roads have been built. Public use facilities include five campgrounds, five picnic areas, and six boat ramps. Two boat clubs have facilities on the reservoir and private cabins have been constructed under permit from the Forest Service.

Development of Palisades Dam and Power Plant


Wildlife Viewing


Bald Eagles, Trumpeter Swans and Osprey are found on the South Fork of the Snake River and Palisades Reservoir.  Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Moose, Wild Turkey and Black Bear roam throughout the district.  Ruffed and Blue Grouse, Northern Goshawk, Great Gray Owls, Flammulated Owls, Sandhill Cranes can be seen or heard as well.  Idaho's State Raptor, the "Peregrine Falcon", nests here in high concentration. 


Kelly Canyon Ski Area

This resort features intermediate terrain for alpine skiing, snowboarding, and night skiing.  Ski school and rentals are available.