Tribal Relations


Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Tribal Consultation Map


The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest recognizes and celebrates the sovereignty of over 26 federally recognized Tribes with ancestral ties to this region. Our intent is to partner with Tribal Nations to respectfully support spiritual, cultural and traditional ties to these lands by nurturing opportunities to integrate traditional ecological knowledge, youth engagement, and economic development in our tribal communities.

We honor our tribal trust responsibilities and support government to government consultation through shared stewardship of our natural and cultural resources. By nurturing existing and encouraging new partnerships we collaborate on Forest management projects that promote resilient ecosystems and mutually beneficial relationships with our tribal partners.


Antelope Valley Indian Community

Lovelock Paiute Tribe

Battle Mountain Shoshone Tribe

Mono Lake Kutzadika’a

Big Pine Paiute Tribe

Moapa Band of Paiutes

Bishop Paiute Tribe

Mooretown Rancheria of Maidu Indians

Bridgeport Indian Colony

Nisenan Nevada City Rancheria

California Indian Basket Weavers Assoc.

Pahrump Paiute Tribe

Cedar Band of Paiute Indians of Utah

Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

Chemehuevi Tribe

Picayune Rancheria of the Chukhansi Indians

Chicken Ranch Indian Rancheria

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Colorado River Indian Tribes

Reno Sparks Indian Colony

Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation

Shivwits Band of the Paiute Indian Band of Utah

Duckwater Shoshone

Shoshone Bannock Tribes

Elko Band of Shoshone

Shoshone-Paiute Tribe of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation

Ely Shoshone Tribe

South Fork Band Council

Fallon-Paiute Shoshone Tribe

Summit Lake Paiute Tribe

Fort Mojave Tribe

Susanville Indian Rancheria

Ft. Independence Community of Paiute Indians

Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone

Ft. McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Tribe

Timbi-Sha Shoshone

Goshute Indian Tribe

Tsi Akim Maidu

Hualapai Tribe

Tubatulabals of Kern Valley

Indian Peaks Band of Paiute Indians

Utu Utu Gwaitu Tribe, Benton Paiute

Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians

Walker River Paiute Tribe

Kanosh Band of Paiute Indians of Utah

Washoe, Carson Colony

Washoe, Dresslerville Colony

Washoe, Woodfords Community

Washoe, Stewart Community

Washoe Ranches

Kern Valley Indian Community

Wells Band Indian Colony

Koosharem Band of Paiute Indians of Utah

Winnemucca Indian Colony

Las Vegas Paiute

Yerington Paiute Tribe

Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone

Yomba Shoshone Tribe

Featured Video: Seven Stones Plaza

“Through a true collaborative process among culturally affiliated Tribes, U.S. Forest Service, The Mountain Institute, Portland State University, and Dr. Jeremy Spoon, coupled with various federal agencies and many stakeholders, we  share a strong message to ground not only our exhibit in the Seven Stones Plaza, but the importance of  this location.  Within this area, there are hidden messages embedded throughout this special place. When a person walks through, you’ll discover things every time you visit, bringing a new message to welcome you!” ~Richard Arnold, Chairman of the Pahrump Paiute Tribe