Outfitters and Guides

A river outfitter readies his clients and equipment for a day on the Klamath River.

Outfitters and Guides - 2021

A variety of outfitters and guides operate under a special use permit on the Klamath National Forest’s rivers and wilderness areas.  These outfitters and guides are our partners in offering high quality recreational experiences to the public. Because they have specialized knowledge, skills, experience, and equipment, they provide opportunities for people with limited experience or abilities to enjoy this National Forest.

Whitewater Outfitters and Guides - June 2021 update

The outfitter guides listed below are authorized to operate commercial raft or kayak trips on rivers and creeks within the Klamath National Forest including the Klamath River, Scott River, and Salmon River. Each of these outfitter guides has been issued a long-term "priority use" permit by the Klamath National Forest.

Outfitters are asked to develop and implement COVID-19 best practices consistent with applicable federal, state and local requirements or guidelines. These best practices have not been reviewed or approved by the Klamath National Forest.  Some whitewater outfitters that usually operate on the Klamath National Forest have decided they will not operate on the Klamath National Forest during the 2021 season.  These outfitters are noted below as "will not operate during 2021."

Click on the links below to visit the whitewater outfitters' websites for current information on rivers where they will offer trips during 2021. 

Adventure Whitewater

All Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting 

Alzar School, Inc.


Center Activities Humboldt State University - will not operate during 2021

Indigo Creek Outfitters

JH Ranch 

Kidder Creek Orchard Camp

Klamath River Outfitters 

Liquid Expeditions Rafting - will not operate during 2021

Living Waters Recreation

Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

Momentum River Expeditions

Noah's River Adventures - will not operate during 2021


Orange Torpedo Trips


Redwoods and Rivers

River Dancers

Scott River Lodge 

Sierra South, Inc. - will not operate during 2021

Six Rivers Rafting 

Southern Oregon University - will not operate in 2021

Sunrise Rafting 

Trinity River Rafting Companions

W.E.T. River Trips

YMCA - Siskiyou Family

Youth for Change - will not operate in 2021

Information on the annual Karuk Ceremonial Activity on the Klamath River is available here.


Fishing Guides

Fishing guides typically offer drift boat trips that include wading & fly fishing on the Klamath River.  Each of these outfitter guides have been issued long-term "priority use" permits by the National Forest. Each year the Forest issues several temporary permits to additional fishing guides. Click on the links below to leave the Forest Service website and visit the fishing guides' websites.  

Klamath River Outfitters
Liquid Expeditions


Packstock Outfitters and Guides

The following businesses provide packstock outfitting and guiding or packer services in the backcountry and wildernesses of the Klamath National Forest.  The Klamath National Forest includes all of the Marble Mountain and Russian Wildernesses, and portions of the Siskiyou and Trinity Alps Wildernesses.

McBroom & Co., Packers and Guides
Offers full service, guided trips, elk hunts, drop camps, and dunnage, primarily serving the Marble Mountain, north half of the Trinity Alps, and Russian Wildernesses from the Salmon River trailheads. 

S&E Outfitters
Offers pack trips and dunnage service primarily serving the east Marble Mountain Wilderness, north half of the Trinity Alps Wilderness, and Russian Wilderness from the Scott Valley trailheads. 

Backpacking & Hiking Guides

These outfitter guides offer backpacking or guided hiking trips in the Marble Mountains, Russian, and Trinity Alps Wildernesses.