Mount Pinos Ranger District


Fishbowls Trail

Date: December 5, 2023

Know Before You Go!

Contact the District office by phone for current conditions: (661) 245-3731 ext. 0. Calls are answered Tuesday - Saturday from 8:00am - 4:30pm. Closed Sundays and Mondays and federal holidays.

NOAA weather forecast for Mt Pinos (8,400')

NOAA weather forecast for Ozena (Hwy 33 3,700')

Know Before You Go!

  • Cuddy Valley/Mt. Pinos Rd to the top of Mt. Pinos is open.
  • I-5 through the Grapevine - Open. Check Caltrans website.
  • Hwy 33 - Temporarily closed from Matilija Springs Rd in Ojai to 9 miles south of the Ventura/Santa Barbara County line. There is access to Ballinger Canyon off of Hwy 33 from Hwy 166. Caltrans website.
  • Lockwood Valley Road is open.
  • Grade Valley Rd is open.
  • Mt. Abel/Cerro Noroeste Rd is open to the Campo Alto Campground.
  • Santa Barbara Canyon Rd is open to Cox Flat.
  • McGill and Chuchupate Campgrounds are temporarily closed until furrther notice due to hazard tree removal.

Forest Orders and Restrictions

Los Padres National Forest Mt. Pinos Ranger District Tecuya Fire Road and Trail Closure:

Effective August 19, 2023, through April 30, 2024

Dry Canyon Area, Roads and Trails, and Wilderness Closure 05-07-57-23-03

Effective: March 1, 2023, through February 28, 2025

Firearms Prohibition Forest Order: Effective February 15, 2023 through December 31, 2024

Campground Occupancy Use Forest Order 05-07-00-22-02

Road Closures – Including OHV Trails (Roads)

Open Roads

  • Rancho Nuevo 7N04A
  • Rancho Nuevo Trail (24W03) section between Rancho Nuevo and Deal Junction campgrounds in the Dick Smith Wilderness
  • 7N03B Thorn Meadows Rd
  • Tinta Road 7N04
  • Tinta Trail (24W02) 
  • West Dry Canyon Road 8N19

Tecuya Fire Closure Roads/Trails

  • 20W04 / Cold Springs OHV Trail 19W01

  •  East Tecuya Ridge OHV Trail

  • West Tecuya OHV #114

  • 9N21.1 / Scott Russel OHV Road 9N21.2

  • Scott Russel OHV Road

  • 9N21.3 / Scott Russel OHV Road 

** East Dry Canyon including access road, OHV routes and dispersed Dome Springs Camping Area is closed due to unexploded ordinances. Forest Order 5-07-57-23-03.

  • Alamo Mountain – Goldhill Road 8N01
  • Apache Canyon
  • Ballinger Canyon Road
  • Brush Mtn (9N27)
  • Cottonwood Trail 20W09 (OHV #125)
  • 9N25 Cerro Noroeste Road (Mt Abel)
  • Edison Road 9N01
  • Frazier Mountain Road (Frazier Mountain access) 8N04
  • Grade Valley Road 7N03
  • Halfmoon Trail 20W07 (OHV #132)
  • 8N01A Kings CG Road
  • Lockwood Creek Road 8N12
  • Lockwood Creek Trail 20W06 (OHV #127)
  • Piano Box Loop 7N03C
  • Miller Jeep Trail 20W06 (OHV #129)
  • Mt. Pinos/Cuddy Valley Rd
  • Quatal Canyon Road
  • San Emigdio Road 9N34
  • Santa Barbara Canyon Rd 9N11 
  • 6N10 Sewart Mtn Road
  • West Frazier Mine Road 20W02 (OHV #118)
  • 8N42 West Frazier OHV
  • West Frazier Tie Road 20W03 (OHV #119)
  • 19W19 West Tecuya Road
  • Yellowjacket Trail 20W24 (OHV #126)

*Not part of MVUM closure, open year-round


Closed Campgrounds

Open Campgrounds

*Campgrounds open year-round

Closed OHV Trails – Motorcycle/ATV (# Shown are on the MPRD OHV Map)

Open OHV Roads and Trails

  • Rancho Nuevo Trail (24W03) section between Rancho Nuevo and Deal Junction campgrounds in the Dick Smith Wilderness
  • Tinta Road 7N04
  • (101) Tinta Trail
  • Tinta Trail (24W02)20W17
  • West Tecuya OHV #114 Tr
  • Cold Springs OHV #116 Width Limiter (the gate stays closed) (20W04 motorcycle trail)
  • Apache Canyon Corridor (103)*
  • (121) Arrastra Trail
  • Brush Mtn (9N27)
  • 20W14 Cherry Crk OHV #113 Tr
  • Cuyama River Corridor (102)*
  • Edison Road 9N01
  • (120) East Frazier Trail
  • (124) Goldhill Trail
  • (123) Long Dave Valley Trail
  • (128) Piru Creek Trail- West end of trail is 4WD
  • 21W01 Pleito Crk OHV #111 Tr
  • Quatal Canyon Corridor (106)*
  • San Emigdio Road 9N34
  • 21W06 San Emigdio Mtn OHV #108 Tr
  • 22W12 San Emigdio OHV #107 Tr
  • 20W01 Salt Crk OHV #112 Tr
  • (130) Snowy Trail
  • Sulphur Spring Canyon (100)*
  • Tecuya Ace OHV 9N22
  • 19W19 West Tecuya Road
  • (122) Tejon Trail
  • (131) Whata Trail
  • (126) Yellowjacket Trail – West end of trail is M/C and east end is 4WD
  • Wagon Road Springs (110)*

*Not part of MVUM closure, open year-round

Trail numbers are from the Mt Pinos Ranger District "Motor Vehicle Opportunity Guide" available online or at the Ranger Station in Frazier Park.